Mrs urimila and Mr Urimila—(Know Your Partner psychology)

Mrs uimila wanted to leave her hubby, she could have done 7 years ago, but certainly living in the same house under different roof does not means ‘divorce” but it means “diverse”

Our most important and intimate relationships often don’t receive the attention, time and training that we give our business relationships. Here are two secrets from the business world to apply to your personal relationships.To grow  in a business, it is critical to understand your customers .,To succeed in business, it is essential to get trained in the psychology of customers .

Mrs urimal Hr manager has understood this professional secret and conducted a lot o training programe to her employees in her professional life , but the same concepts she did not apply in her personal life.

Couples communicate the need for relationship training in different ways. Through quarrel, withdrawals, silence, excitement, withdrawal, not talking to each other, complaining,criticizing and condemning etc.,

Some partners are high ly sensitive to love and affection and expect the same for the other partners .The other partner is person is exciting character and looks for excitement and enthusiasm in his life he hops for stop to stop in serach of excitement  One use the heart and the other uses the mind

In Rrajinkath movie the dialogue is famous “ Some believe in heart management and some believe in mind management I believe in balancing the heart and the mind”

Today Mr and mrs urimila  after one hour training understood the importance o f their psychological intentions of separately living but not separated for the last 7 years,Your life partner is your biggest customer. Don’t risk losing your biggest account by taking your communication for granted. Save yourself hassle and heartache by getting trained in     “How to understand your partner’s psychology ?”and enrich your relationship

1. Mr. Speller:-  A  young  student  was    fond  of  playing  cricket.  He  use  to condition his parents by saying “So long as I score 60% kindly do not force me to study” and  use to  maintain his  profile till he reached his tenth class. But in higher  classes  he  slowly  felt that his performance was declining.  He felt his spellings were poor,  unable  to    remember   formulae  and  slowly  lost his confidence. His disordered style was corrected through  Counselling therapy.

2.  Mr. Concentration :- Mr. Venu had a love of opening his book for studies.  His  mind  used  to  drift away from  the  book, towards his friends, games, hobbies, TV etc.  Counselling has helped him to improve his  concentration in his studies.

3 Mr. Wanderer:- Mr. Raju failed successively for three years in engineering.  He confessed he would like to discontinue engineering.  He does not like the subject.  His eye pattern gave a clue he was creative by nature and he does not fit to the logical world.  Career counseling was given for him.

4.  Mr. Procrastinator:-  Mr. Reddy had the habit of postponing every activity as far  as  his  studies  were   concerned.   He  thought  it  was  because of his physical   ill   health.  This   postponing    habit   grew   out   of     proportion.   Counselling helped him overcome this problem.

4.  Mr. Sportsman:-  Ranji trophy cricket player was programmed for improving his performance in cricket.  His performance has improved in very creative way.

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mind counseling

What is mind counseling ?

Mind counseling is a confidential interview method of bringing back the client to function back normally in the society.

Does counseling involve any medicine?


Where is counseling useful?

Counseling is    useful   where ever   psychological confidence is  required. This will be useful for  youth housewives, Mothers, Working women, Employees, students colleges and corporations and many other areas.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is treatment of emotional and stress related disorder using certain proven psychological therapy..

What are the areas where Psychotherapy can be used?

1.  To remove phobias and unpleasant feelings.
2.  Help children and adults overcome learning disabilities.
3.  Eliminate most unwanted addiction habits like Smoking, Drinking, overeating, nail biting etc.
4.  Make changes for interaction in couples, families and organization.
5.  Develops new behavior pattern for adolescence and helps to develop their creativity and motivates them to plan their career goals.
6.  Helps mothers, house wives and working women to manage themselves from psychological stress of the society.

What is Online Therapy?

If you want to be treated confidentially at your place. This can be done through your internet system and voice chat provided you have a web camera facility at your end.

What is one  is to one  Online Therapy ?

When treatment is done exclusively for one person only it is called one is to one online therapy.

What is a Training Programme ?

It is an Experience process where inputs are given on a topic for maximum of 25 persons on a day.

What type of  Training Programme you conduct for institutions/corporative?

Depending upon your Enquiry a tailor made programme can be conducted.

What is Group Counseling?

When Counseling is done in small groups it is called Group Counseling. This is mostly done for educational institutes, Schools, Colleges, Call centre  and industrial employees.

What is personal Counseling?

When counseling is carried to a single client only this is called Personal counseling

he subconscious mind itself. Once the seeds are made nutritious the tree automatically becomes healthy.

How long you are in this field of mental health treatment?

I am doing psychological research in this field for the last 10 years. My research work started with prisoners of A.P.Central Jail. l also did a research in this aspect with Graduates and undergraduates in India.  The paper was published at the World Congress of Integrated Healing.  It was given the best paper award. Positive results varied from 30% to 70% in the project undertaken.

What is the difference between Psychiatrist and Psychologist?

A psychiatrist is usually a medically qualified person. His treatment is through drugs. A psychologist is qualified in psychology; his treatment is through counseling and psycho therapy. He does not use any drugs


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